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IMPACT Cluster

A joint venture between the Science & MCT faculties

New Impact queue names
IMPORTANT message about IDL use on the cluster at the end of this email

The new queues are as follows
  • New standard "fire and forget" queues giving a new total of 750

  • imppmitest
  • 4 cores with a 10 minute limit, this queue is just to test users have there script and code correct. Because the cluster has now been full none stop since christmas many users who are testing MPI jobs have to wait many hours just to find out they have a typo in the script. This 10 minute queue will allow them to test
    To uses type the following:
  • qsub -pe impmpitest 4 -l impmpitest,s_rt=00:00:10 /path/to/your/

  • impsocket
  • 2 queues with 12 cores on each and a limit of 32Gb of memory, this queue is for "socket" jobs
    To use type the following:
  • qsub -l socket /path/to/your/

  • imp32
  • 1 queue with 32Gb of reserved memory, if your job uses more it will be killed automatically
    To use type the following:
  • qsub -l imp32 /path/to/your/

  • imp48
  • 1 queue with 48Gb of reserved memory, if your job uses more it will be killed automatically
    To use type the following:
  • qsub -l imp48 /path/to/your/

  • imp64
  • 1 queue with 64Gb of reserved memory, if your job uses more it will be killed automatically
    To use type the following:
  • qsub -l imp64 /path/to/your/

  • impqlogin
  • the is a dedicated queue setup for interactive jobs only. Users who need to have interactive use now have 2 different types of queue.
  • 1 just type qlogin and you will get any free interactive slot
  • 2 type qlogin -l qname=impqlogin and you will get a slot on a machine with more memory

  • imp7day
  • 7 queues on a large memory machine, this queue is governed by time and queue name, if you request a job that will run less than 7 days and the rest of the system is full you will get a slot on this machine or you can directly request this queue.
    direct request by using the following:
  • qsub -l qname=imp7day,s_rt=168:00:00 /path/to/your/

  • If this queue starts getting requested a lot we will change the queue to "Force request"

    We then have 2 more queues they are governed by time only. if the rest of the system is full and your job only runs for a day or an hour and you have put the run time in your script using s_rt = or h_rt= then it will be placed on to impday or imphour, please notice the name change for users who may have requested the day or hour queue in their script before
  • qsub -l qname=day,s_rt=10:00:00 /path/to/your/
  • or
  • qsub -l qname=hour,s_rt=01:00:00 path/to/your/

  • It is now
  • qsub -l qname=impday,s_rt=10:00:00 /path/to/your/
  • or
  • qsub -l qname=imphour,s_rt=01:00:00 /path/to/your/

  • Nvidia GPU's CUDA
  • we now support GPU based computing using our dedicated node which has the following hardware 2048 GPU's via 4 X nvidia M2090 Tesla GPU's Nvidia's CUDA environment is available
    To Use type the following:
  • qlogin -l impcuda
  • for an interactive login or
  • qsub -l impcuda,s_rt=01:00:00 (time to run) /path/to/your/

  • IDL
  • the IDL software package uses a license server to allow users to run the program. We are limited to 40 concurrent licenses at any time, this includes desktop users, but NOT laptops as they have a fixed license. Currently cluster users are occasionally using what is left of all the available licenses and stoping people from working. To stop this from happening i have instigated a booking system for IDL licenses which users can request. Once all the allocated licenses have been used the job will be held in the queue until a license has been released. This will allow users to fire and forget IDL jobs with out fear of using all desktop licenses. From today ALL jobs that use IDL must request it in the job submission script.

    To request a license please add the following for single jobs:
  • qsub -l IDL_license=1,s_rt=job:time:required path/to/your/

  • If your script starts more than one instance of IDL please change IDL_license=1 to the ammount required to a max of 20