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IMPACT Cluster

A joint venture between the Science & MCT faculties

The new cluster now has only 2 machines that users can submit jobs from. They are impact3 and impact4 Now running Centos 6.xi 64Bit for compiling and submitting jobs from, but to keep the load down users can also compile on the following machines.
  • Pintsize
  • winslow
  • Glados
  • All are multi user machines all running Centos 6.x 64bit.

    Other machines are the actual head node, IMPACT-Head a Sun machine running Solaris 10 and IMPACT-Storage again running Solaris 10, this machine is the main cluster storage controller with the new fiber channel storage units connected to it.

    we also have a third RedHat machine used just for recording system usage and monitoring.
    The main node impact-head is running Sun Grid engine 6.2 in Master mode and impact-storage is running Sun Grid engine 6.2 in shadow mode. Should impact-head fail impact-storage will take over running the cluster and the storage. Both machines have more than enough memory / power to do the job. All the nodes are running the same version of Centos 6.x as the other machines in the system.

    All machines in the cluster DO NOT mount users normal home areas they mount cluster homes a smaller, 25 Meg area for config files only. All jobs should be run in your data areas in the /padata tree for Science and in the /mctdata tree for MCT. if you do not have access to these areas please let us know.

    While we would prefer you to bid for time on the cluster on grants to help us keep the system up to date Any MCT or Science user with a Unix login can use the cluster Free.

  • New Impact queue names
  • System Commands:
  • Using qstat & qhost to find a problem
  • Projects
  • Job Priority
  • Parallel environments
  • Compilers installed
  • QSUB Examples

  • NEWS...